Le Wat Tang Sai

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PRÉSENTATION Sur la mont Thongchai au bout de Thong Sai Beach, les toitures dorées de pointues du temple se voient de loin. le grand bouddha doré Pra Phut Takitti Sirichai aussi. L'édifice tout de marbre et dorures est récent, sa construction commença en 1996 en l'honneur des 50 ans du Roi. C'est un très beau temple qui offre une vue sur la baie surtout appréciable du côté Hat Sai Kaew. Il est la fierté de Ban Krut est très visité par les touristes thais. google map =>view

Wat Tang Sai is a magnificent temple which was built in 1996 to mark King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s 50th year of reign. It has 9 pagodas to represent His Majesty The King Rama IX and it can be seen sitting on top of Thong Chai Mountain just up from the Big Golden Buddha overlooking Baan Grood Beach. The temple complex has the Thai name, Pramahatart Chedi Pakdepragard and has some beautiful gardens, a large Golden Buddha and some demon statues. These demons are not representing evil as they would in the western world but good powers acting as Guardians. During Thai festivals and special days of the year, Wat Tang Sai is lit up at night can be seen from all on Baan Grood Beach which is a real delight if you are enjoying some local seafood on the beach. Wat Thang Sai is open from 9:00, can be accessed by road and is free to the public to enter. There is a large car park at the foot of the temple with ample parking but you must then do the last bit by foot, climbing the large number of steps to the temple. This is a religious monument loved by Thai people so it is important to always show respect; take off your shoes before entering Wat Thang Sai and please do not take photos inside the temple as this is not allowed. You can still bring your camera to take photos of the temple exterior, gardens and surrounding views. Because of its elevated position, the views of Baan Grood Beach, Thong Chai and the fisherman’s village are spectacular on a clear day.